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I grew up in the northern part of San Diego county in California and have a wonderful family with 3 children that my wife and I have been blessed with. I began my mobile auto detailing business in 2006 and have enjoyed the satisfaction that comes from it ever since. Over the years as I have perfected techniques and have gained valuable knowledge on the various products, chemicals, and equipment needed to effectively clean and restore a cars appearance while leaving long lasting protection with professional grade ceramic coatings to withstand Harsh environments.


In 2009 I began assisting my customers when they wanted to sell their vehicles to alleviate the stress and time that is needed to sell privately. With a background in sales, this came naturally and I've enjoyed the opportunity to provide services beyond simply being an auto detailer. More information on this can be found at .


In 2021, We left San Diego and moved east to St. Louis to provide our children with new opportunities with the strong community and education programs available here. I'm excited for the opportunity to serve this community and know that you will find exceptional value in the services I provide! 

My roots are in California but excited to be a Missouri resident and will continue to provide services to both states hence the business name "CAMO". 


Greg Nielsen

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